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Want grass now? Hydroseeding is the best way to quickly get the green lawn you’re looking for!

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Yes! We also provide Hydroseeding!
For over 5 years, Lakeview Materials has been providing quality Hydroseeding throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine.

We use quality grass seed from Blue Seal and Jonathan Green along with liquid fertilizer and lime and combined with water and sprayed with a cellulose paper slurry. Germination is in approximately 21 days.

We also do custom seed mixtures for specialty applications…just call to discuss.



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What is hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is a lawn planting technique that utilizes a mix of high quality grass seed, mulch, and often other organic ingredients like fertilizer. This nutrient dense mix is sprayed over prepared ground in a uniform layer both feeding, fertilizing, watering and protecting your new lawn in one easy and FAST step. This new lawn planting technique is far superior to traditional broadcasting or sowing dry seed as it increases the germination rate of grass seed by hydrating and protecting the seed from the start!

Starting your NEW LAWN with our hydroseeding services can:

  • Reduce Wind & Water Erosion
  • Promote Rapid Seed Growth
  • Suppress Dust
  • Lower Cost

Hydroseeding is a great way to create a beautiful lawn with little effort. We recommended scheduling your hydroseeding service in the summer, spring, or fall due to the need of steady sun and regular watering to help your NEW Lawn develop and create hearty roots for years to come.

We also do custom seed mixtures for specialty applications…just call to discuss.



Hydroseeding for your NH home or business!

We Hydroseed from April through the first week of October.

Hydroseeding is fast and easy!

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Minimum order: $475 (covers approx. 3400 square feet)

The best hydroseeding products
The finest Hydroseeding Products

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Hydroseeding FAQ’s:

When should I schedule my hydroseeding appointment?

The ideal temperature for hydroseeding to take place is 75-85 degrees during the first couple weeks of growth. Beginning hydroseeding in the spring or early fall will allow the grass to grow at a healthy rate and require less water than in the summer. If you schedule your hydroseeding in the summer, your new grass will grow much faster than in other seasons, but you will have to be sure to give your new lawn plenty of water.

How much will hydroseeding cost?

Our minimum order is $475 which covers approx. 3,400 square feet of lawn. Give us a call today and we’d be happy to give you an estimate for hyrdoseeding your specific area! Hydroseeding may be slightly more expensive than planting traditional grass seed by hand or with a spreader, but has a much higher chance of germinating giving you a thick, green new lawn while avoiding patches, spots or other lawn headaches that come with traditional seeding methods.

How do I care for my newly hydroseeded lawn?

Prep is key! Make sure that your soil is ready to properly take and nourish the hydroseeding mixture. grading and weeding your surface will ensure that the hydroseed takes firm root when applied. Make sure that the ground is clean of debris that could interfere with the grass taking root.

Be sure to water often! Immediately after your Hydroseeding application, your new lawn will require watering about three to four times a day. Once the grass has begun to grow watering can ease back significantly but it is imperiative that your new lawn gets as much water as it needs. A good sprinkler (or ideally an irrigation system) makes this easier to accomplish. In order to grow and take root properly the seeds will need to be watered consistently.

Hold off on the mower! Mowing your lawn can help keep your grass healthy as well as ensure there is new growth. However, do not cut your new lawn until it is at least three inches tall, and it’s best to wait until your new lawn is firmly rooted and established. This will prevent damage to your new grass.

Keep off the grass! Avoid as much contact with your newly hydroseeded lawn as possible to avoid damaging your seedlings while they are establishing their roots especially during the first 3 weeks. A little waiting will go a long way in preventing dry/dead spots. This includes pets! Keep your pups from digging or urinating on your newly hydroseeded lawn, keeping your seeds safe!

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